Friday, January 11, 2013


Hey E'eryone,
As much as i'd love to post more pictures of my outfit, i can't because i got no-one to take good pictures of me. I'd really like to be all fancy and get a photographer but i ain't got time for that.  My friends don't take good pictures and i am too impatient to keep posing till they get the perfect one i'd like.
I took this pictures with my iPhone at the office. So sorry if it ain't up to par.

I just realized that i am so into anything Gold, Leopard print and Studs.
Everything i have bought for the past 1 months has featured them.

 Cardigan;- random
Shiny silvery Tank;- Elsie Vintage

  Jeans;- Denim Co
Studded flats;- Zara
Watch;- River Island
Dainty wristlet;- Ariaba. 
(i loooovvee it. I never take it off and even bathe with it yet it doesnt fade. :) )

Onyinye. xx


Anonymous said...

You aren't fat you silly muppet. The picture where you're smiling is pretty nice. I'm suprised lol. I see what you did there with the mac sha. Anyways signing in is just too long. So - Puff Puff

Anonymous said...

My Adamu! You look lovely. Nice flats

Olufunmi Afolabi said...

do i av to say ur shoes r nice :D

Anonymous said...

Pretty shoes!

Frances Diaries said...

You look nice . Love your wrist watch and shoes a lot.