Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hello Everyone,
How are y'all doing?
I havent done a "guess who's wearing Elsie vintage.." post in eons. Thought i'd start this new year by showing y'all this awesome people rocking Elsie Vintage. RAWR!!!

Ima;-  Ima's looking gorgeous,dressed down in our embellished vintage blouse. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Bimzy Cole;- Bimzy's rocking an Elsie Vintage meek embroidered blouse.

Antonia;- Looking pretty with a pout, rocking an Elsie Vintage half print blouse and our badge. Yaasss..

Adanna;- Adanna's rocking an elsie vintage blouse. too cute.

Uju;- Uju looking casual chic in an Elsie Vintage blouse.

Kanwulia;- Looking Office chic in an Elsie vintage blouse.

Abisola;- Abisola rocking an Elsie Vintage beaded vest. 

Ian;- Ian stunting in a multi-coloured male print shirt. wooosshhh!

Barbara;- Barbara rocking a sleeveless Elsie vintage blouse.

Bayo;- Bayo rocking an Elsie Vintage print shirt,two ways!

Muyibat;- Muyibat rocking an Elsie vintage blouse. casual chic! :)

That's that!
Do send a picture of you styling and killing in your Elsie vintage piece to elsie_vintage@yahoo.com.

Onyinye. xx


Onnari Osemene said...

Well put tgether! I like the interpretations

Demmy said...

aww the Elsie Vintage brand has really grown. x

Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

Thank you,Loves.