Thursday, May 30, 2013


Just like how people swear that wearing mega high heeled shoes give them an awesome posture and make their derriere look amazing, I also swear that long acrylic nails make my short slender fingers look long and immaculate.

I realized i had a problem when i dragged my friend back to my former university complex after work ( just to have my nail fixed and ended up waiting from 4pm till 9pm because her nail shop was filled to the brim (no one does it like that nail technician.. the truth!)
Recently, i fixed my nails and while trying to clean out my room, i hit my nail on a hard surface and POP!... The faux nail and my real nail came flying out from the nail bed.
Literally, i had no nail on that finger. Blood came gushing out and i stared at it in shock for almost 2minutes before the pain registered in my brain. THE HORROR!
Did that stop me from fixing my nails for a while? Yes!
Would it stop me from ever fixing my nails? I don't think so. LOL


I actually did this myself after wiping off the design that was previously there becausing it was chipping off. (urgh! hate when that happens!). Got the nail polish from the Domino store in E-centre,Yaba.


Of course, my nail technician hooked me up on this one. i wanted a funky design,so i chose coral nail polish with silver animal print design.

I am temporally off acrylic nails while waiting for my nail to grow back out. *sob*

Onyinye. xx


Confessions Of A City Girl said...

Love these nails!

Confessions Of A City Girl / Enerjiee

Yomi Adegoke said...

Aww I love the leopard print one especially!

Berry Dakara said...

OMG, ouch!!!

I don't do acrylic nails, save for once a year or every 2 years. It takes forever for my real nails to grow back properly.

Manicures look great though.